What is the Newest iPhone and Which Features Make it Unique?

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The newest iPhone is planned for 2017, and it is iPhone 8. It is expected to be a complete redesign, featuring inclusions not available in the previous versions of iPhone.  The device will be presented in a unique since its release will be marking the 10th year of the iPhone series. Continue to read to find out what new changes will come up with this new device.

New features to expect

Nothing is certain yet about the new features to be made available in this device, but rumors have it that it will feature a giant AMOLED edge-to-edge display and the display will cover the entire front. As a result, the device will look smaller in appearance despite its larger display. Additionally, the device will feature new dual-camera, as well as wireless charging technology. Its processor will also be super-fast. There are indications that fingerprint sensor will be included on the screen too. The battery life is expected to be better than what obtains in the previous versions of iPhone. New color schemes will equally be included, like gloss white. Furthermore, expectant buyers can look forward to a customizable and refreshed Apple Maps.


This newest iPhone will feature OLED displays and forfeit the LCD panel available in the previous versions. As a result, the device will not require a backlight, which means it will not consume excess power. Also, it will be possible to turn off individual pixels, which will allow for truer blacks and will cause a widening of the color gamut and improvement in dynamic range.

The device will come in three display sizes, which are 4.7-inches, 5.5-inches, and 5.8-inches displays. There are indications that the OLED display will only be available on the 5.8-inch display.


This newest iPhone is expected to come with a system-on-a-chip (SoC). The device is expected to use a newer version of SoC compared to what obtains in the previous version, iPhone 7; the device is expected to run on an A11 processor.  The processor will be built on a 10nm FinFET platform. As a result, the performance will be boosted, and the power efficiency will increase. The newest iPhone, iPhone 8 is expected to run on iOS 11 operating system as announced at the WWDC developers conference. As a result, its new features will run faster, like Apple Pay, Siri, and camera.


The dual-lens camera available on iPhone 7 is expected to be featured in the iPhone 8. It may, however, be featured only on selected models.  Be that as it may, the telephoto and wide-angle lenses will come with optical image stabilization features. The front camera will be revolutionary and will also feature 3D-sensing capabilities, enabling easy detection of location and depth of an object in a 3D space.


No one can say specifically what the newest iPhone will cost since no official information is available in this regard.  Be that as it may, there are indications that the device will be the most expensive yet from Apple considering the numerous features newly implemented.  Some think the price may go above £1,000 in the UK.


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