All Glass iPhone – All You Need To Know

all glass iPhoneThe new all glass iPhone seems to be here to take over the place of the iPhone 4s, and it is doing a good job of it. The device designed in this manner is the iPhone 8 and the technology obtained in this new one is far beyond what the previous device has to offer.  It was made using advanced glass production technology, and it is exceptionally robust than many market watchers would think.

Reason for all glass iPhone unique technology 

The device is expected to hit the mobile device market by September 2017, and it promises to push the iPhone 4s into the shadow. Six years have elapsed between the two devices, and the latter is expected to come with cut-edge features in the world of mobile technology. The glossy feature of the all glass iPhone makes it unique in appearance. It can resist scratch, and it feels portable when held. Using metal in designing the device would have subjected it to scratches, but the use of glass prevents any form of scratch from daily use. Be that as it may, glass makes the phone less visible.

Furthermore, Apple discovered that it is easier to mold glass than metal; this is one other reason that prompted the use of glass technology in the device in place of metal. Glass makes the device very light and gives it a thin chassis; it also makes the device look unique like no other.

The aesthetic appearance of the all glass iPhone makes it stands out. However, there is more to this device than any of the features mentioned above. For one, the antenna lines have been removed in the iPhone 8 since the unique glass technology used in this device does not give room to radio waves transmission. The glass technology serves both the form and function, thereby conferring clean aesthetic appearance on the device.

Additionally, the device is very easy to charge via wireless charging; glass permits such method of charging better than metal. Heat can be dissipated from the device very fast, thanks to the thin graphite sheet included in its design.

The dark side all glass iPhone

The technology adopted in the all glass iPhone may have several benefits. And it may also have some disadvantages; for example, the device may shatter if it drops suddenly. This is one of the disadvantages observed by some of the people who used or are using the iPhone 4s. However, many feel Apple will improve the previous technology and produce something more resistant to impact than the all-glass versions

Tying the loose ends of all glass iPhone

Apple is aware of the impact disadvantage related to the all glass iPhone.  As a result, they have improved their technological expertise to create an all-glass device that can resist impact to a great extent. The expected improvement will reflect on the device and make it more durable than what obtains in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. By the time it is released, the all glass iPhone may prove to be more durable than Apple devices made of aluminum to the excitement of Apple device lovers.

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