The New Windows 10 Upgrade is SHARING Your Files With the Internet – See How You Can Stop It

The new WINDOWS 10 upgrade has a setting automatically turned on that SHARES your files with the internet – here’s a way to stop the flagship Microsoft OS.


windows 10 upgrade


The new Windows 10 upgrade features a default setting that shares files within your PC and also other PCs on-line – but it all occurs when you update the Microsoft software.

As the main Windows 10 upgrade or update process, Microsoft are creating a system called Windows Update Delivery Optimization.

When this is on, Windows 10 sends updates through your computer to other PCs that are part of your local network or online.

The process has been outlined on the official Microsoft website,  and it has two different settings.

Setting one allows the Windows 10 upgrade to share files along with other computers that are part of your local network.

However, setting two allows Windows 10 to share files along with computers on your local network AND other computers online, according to Techrepublic.

The second setting will be the default for every version of Windows 10 upgrade- apart from Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education.

The Windows Update Delivery Optimization can be active once you purchase and downloaded any apps on the Microsoft Store.

The next Windows 10 update, the Fall Creators Update, is due to be released in a few months time this autumn.

If you have still got your default settings set, then Windows 10 upgrade could be sharing your files any time you upgrade your PC while using upcoming update.

Here’s what you should do after a Windows 10 upgrade

If you’d rather files through your Windows 10 device aren’t shared you are able to turn the feature off completely or tweak it.

If you’d choose to turn it off, you firstly should open the Windows Update Settings Screen. This can be done by typing it into Cortana.

Then, click or tap the Advanced Options link on this page.

After that, select Choose How Updates Are Delivered, and on this screen, you possibly can change the default settings for Windows Update Delivery Optimization.

You may change from on to off entirely or you can select the local network option.

On the Microsoft website with the Windows Update Delivery Optimization, it is said the setting doesn’t download or send a user’s personal content.

They say the feature principal purpose is to provide updates and apps quicker when a Windows 10 user has an unreliable connection to the internet.

Microsoft said: “Delivery Optimization doesn’t access your own files or folders or change any files on your PC.” have previously says regardless of the free Windows 10 upgrade period ending in 2016 you may still be able to download Microsoft’s latest OS at no extra cost.

The Windows 10 free download offer ended last July, but PC owners can certainly still upgrade using a few easy steps.

Users who have a correct licensed and activated version of Windows 7 and 8.1 can upgrade by going to Download Windows 10 webpage and click on the ‘Download tool now’ button.

After that has downloaded, users must run the Media Creation Tool.

You will then choose ‘Upgrade this PC now’ when you have downloaded the Media Creation Tool for the PC you want to upgrade, and if you’re only upgrading one machine.

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