‘Change Number’ Feature to Come Up On Whatsapp Soon

If you are using Whatsapp on either of Windows 10 or Windows 8, you may soon enjoy a new feature on Whatsapp that will enable you to easily inform all your Whatsapp contacts when you change your old Whatsapp number to a new one. When you institute such a change to your Whatsapp number, it may be difficult for any of your Whatsapp contacts to know of such change, and they may find it difficult to communicate with you on Whatsapp through the old number since you can only register a number per mobile device at a time on Whatsapp.

Now, Whatsapp has a plan in place to help you inform your contacts that you have changed your old Whatsapp number to a new one.  Consequently, you will not have to worry about informing any of your contacts about the change by yourself. WaBetaInfo is a Twitter account that focuses on reporting all the new changes that are being introduced by Whatsapp and the information being shared here was obtained from the Twitter account.

This new feature about informing your contacts of your new number change is optional. You can decide to use the feature and inform your contacts about your Whatsapp number change, or you can decide not to use it at all. You can also choose which of your contacts you want to send the notification. If you like, you can send it to the few individuals that you chat with frequently or you can decide to send it to all your contacts; the choice is yours.

You must note, however, that the feature is still in beta.  Some market watchers wonder if all Whatsapp users will be given access to the new feature. The notification is presented with text-based status to users of Windows mobile device. You can equally update it if you so desire to improve on its functionality and response.

If you are using Windows device, you can easily access this feature already. Just go to Settings on Whatsapp and click on Profile. Under profile, click on About.  You can easily change the status here. The old Status feature was initially removed by Whatsapp, but it has been restored now.

Many end users showed their displeasure when Whatsapp decided to remove text-based statuses and replace it with photo/video status message. The status stories features are still in place despite the restoration of the old Status.  You can get it on a separate tab in the app.

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