iPhone 8 Rumours To Come With Radical Design and Cooler Features

Apple is not resting on its oars at all; the company is planning to launch three phones very soon which includes iPhone 8. These three phones are iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8. The three of them are expected to be launched sometime this year 2017.  Expectant buyers should look out for special designs on the iPhone 8, especially.  The design is expected to be radical, and the features are expected to be out of this world. Many other reports regarding patent and analysts are also surfacing regarding the mobile device.  Many are looking for the inclusion of 3D sensing technology in this new device.

It had been reported earlier in February 2017 that Apple was in talks with Lumentum, which is the company involved in developing the 3D sensing technology.  No one can, however, say how the company is planning to include this new technology on its iPhone 8 device. This is the singular feature that many thinks may delay the release of iPhone 8 to the technology market.

Aside from the 3D sensing technology, end users can also look out for the Augmented Reality (AR) feature on the new device.  According to Bloomberg in a recent report, “Apple has assembled a team including experienced hardware and software developers to push its AR efforts.”  The team of professionals is being led by a scientist working formerly with Dolby Laboratories. Facebook Oculus and Microsoft HoloLens representatives are also involved in the drive towards perfecting the realization of the AR technology.

The company is based in Cupertino, and they are equally experimenting with series of AR devices. The conclusion is that expected end users should look forward to the AR technology in the upcoming iPhone 8 device.

No one can say specifically what name will be given to this new mobile device from Apple. Its launching is expected to come up later in 2017.  Some think it will be called iPhone X or iPhone Edition. Another group of enthusiasts thinks the device will be called iPhone 8. The reason for the iPhone suggestion is because 2017 will mark the tenth year after the first iPhone was launched.  There are also indications that the main material for the phone may probably be ceramic, according to information released by Mac Otara, a Japanese website.  Some feel that Apple may want to sync its mobile device with its Smartphone range; the iPhone watches, aside from being labeled as Edition, are also made of ceramic.


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