4 Ways to Care for Aging Parents and Spouse with Technology

The primary goal of many individuals having aged parents is to keep them as independent as possible so that they will not become bothersome to others. According to research conducted by the National Conference of State Legislature and the AARP Public Policy Institute, about 90% of individuals that are well above 65 years of age desire to stay at home if it is possible for them.

With the aid of technology, these wishes can become a reality. With the new technological innovation for this purpose, care for the aged can be scheduled. The technological innovation will make it possible to track the health status of these aged individuals and also to monitor any symptom they may be having.

Read below the four different ways via which technology can help care for elderly parents or spouse.


The needs of the elderly differ from one to another. While an older adult may require the help of cooking and meeting appointments, some other ones may require round-the-clock care. Honor is an app developed to meet the needs of both classes of individuals. The client will provide information about their loved ones in the app, and the app will automatically merge the aged loved one with specific type of caregiver, depending on the specific needs of the individual.

AARP’s Caregivers in the Community (CINC) Mobile APP:

With this app, individuals, who are providing car for one aged person or another can communicate with one another. There are up to 40 million individuals involved in this kind of care. “There is just an incredibly emotional, financial, and time burden to do what they do,” said SVP of market innovation at AARP, Jody Holtzman. She believed that communicating with one another would help relieve some of these pressures they have to go through day to day.


Care.com is the best place to visit for any individual looking for round-the-clock or temporary care for their aged ones.  Instead of just depending on the site, they can equally download their mobile app. Through the app or the site, they can locate caregivers that specialize in several old-age related conditions, like personal care and dementia.


If older adults are living with Alzheimer or dementia, one can get experienced and specialized caregivers to tend to their needs at CareZone. The caregivers will be close to these aged individuals when their family members are not around to tend to their needs.  They can help the aged people with doctor’s appointments and medications.

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